Lumieres Muhammad Akbar & Syaiful Garibaldi

at Centre Intermondes, La Rochelle France
Exhibited at Espace Art Contemporain Exhibition from 22 May – 02 August 2014
English exhibition brochure can be download here with essay by Asmudjo J. Irianto


“Curfew” in Collaboration with Reminescences from AAA
M Akbar_3 M Akbar_2 M Akbar_22 M Akbar_14

M Akbar_10


“Downloading Fictions” site spesific projection


“Pierres” Stones & projections
M Akbar_4


“Il Fait Bleu (Paper)” HVS papers & UV light
M Akbar_5IMG_1887M Akbar_13 M Akbar_8 IMG_1975


“Il Fait Bleu (video)” single channel video projection
M Akbar_34 M Akbar_31 M Akbar_37


“Fleur de la Terre” & “Merde de Chien” single channel video
IMG_2195 M Akbar_32 IMG_2164